The Japanese biopharmaceutical industry emerged as a global player in the 1990s followed more recently by South Korea. As PharmAsia recently noted (subscription required) now China is emerging as a major source of both patients and innovation. Following Japan’s lead, East Asian biopharma companies are looking to partner with Western firms to increase their global reach. At the same time, US pharmaceutical companies want and need access to customers and technology in major Asian markets.

We created the Trans-Pacific Health Sciences Dialogue meeting to bring together dealmakers and senior executives from both sides of the Pacific to discuss how best to accelerate and develop collaborations. The invitation-only event has a well-earned reputation as the best place for biopharma companies seeking to forge Trans-Pacific ventures to begin exploring their options.

Our 2014 program features:

  • Peter B. Corr, Co-Founder and Managing General Partner, Auven Therapeutics
  • Robert DeBenedetto, President &CEO, SFJ Pharmaceuticals
  • Iain D. Dukes, D. Phil., Senior Vice President, MRL Licensing & External Scientific Affairs, Merck
  • Glen Giovannetti, Global Biotechnology Leader, EY, LLP
  • Kiyoshi Kurokawa, Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies & Science Advisor, National Diet, Japan

Our plenary sessions and workshops will explore key issues that are critical to a successful East Asian strategy such as:

  • Where are the best opportunities for growth and collaboration?
  • What are the drivers of biopharma innovation in East Asia and where is it going?
  • What does your management team need to know before expanding into East Asia?
  • How does Big Pharma view global collaboration and drug development?

If you are looking for the answers to these kinds of questions, please contact ljoseph(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) to request an invitation. More details are available at the conference website.

(First Published on LinkedIn Pulse)