For those of us who have been making the rounds of the investor meetings in 2015, it’s not news to hear that biotech’s time has come – in fact it’s almost a cliché.

Are we in another biotech market bubble, or have things fundamentally changed? That’s been the lingering question. But now financial data is beginning to come to light that supports the position that we are in the midst of a sea change rather than a bubble.

Bruce Booth, one of our favorite VC’s and a thoughtful blogger on biotech finance, did an analysis of post IPO performance of the recent crop of newly public biopharma companies. He discerns that a degree of pricing discipline for biotech securities is emerging that is indicative of a maturing sector.

In a more obvious indicator of market maturity, in Fierce Pharma’s ranking of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies by sales for 2014, Gilead displaced Eli Lilly, becoming the first biotech company to make the list.

It is against this backdrop that Demy-Colton Life Sciences Advisors is launching the Biotech CEO Summit as a forum where key biotech leaders who are reshaping the biotech landscape can serve as a ‘brain trust’ for the industry as it grows to maturity and sustainability.

The private interactive forum will be held July 21 to 23, 2015 at the Carneros Inn in Napa, CA. Attendance will be limited to an invited group of 40- 60 CEOs who are thought leaders and influencers in the biotech industry.

We undertake this project with the goal of bringing together prominent thought leaders from industry or academia, leading investors and global key opinion leaders to examine and address the opportunities and challenges the biopharmaceutical industry faces as it forges a future where it will indeed deliver on the promise of transformational science.