The Biotech Showcase Difference

The greatest ideas and innovations are those that fill a large gap in a field. And Biotech Showcase (BTS) was created for just such a purpose. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of biotech companies that are not ready for financing with the bulge bracket players – the largest and most recognized banks – like JPMorgan. Yet, they are ready to present their work and show investors how they have been hitting marks and building profiles. Thus, the creation of BTS. A place where small and mid-sized (and growing into larger) biotech companies can present, meet potential investors and partners, and know that the event organizers are on their side. And more importantly, fill that gap in the biotech space by helping those smaller companies get where they need to be.

According to Sara Demy CEO of Demy Colton, Demy-Colton never takes money from transactions resulting from relationships forged at BTS. They are not bank owned, and thus, not in the biotech space to obtain fees from deals. In this series, Sara describes the professionalism and care that BTS takes with each attendee. She notes without hesitation that servicing companies better than any of the competitors is the BTS advantage. Not only because they were the first, but because they have innovated and evolved together with their clients. While Biotech Showcase takes place alongside the JPMorgan conference, it really stands out as the most experienced and proficient event of the week for those looking to take their organizations to the next level.