Demy-Colton Changes The Biotech Game With Invite Only, Off Record CEO Summits

Demy-Colton Fosters CEO-to-CEO Networks With Off the Record, Invite Only CEO Summits

Sara Jane Demy, CEO, Demy-Colton, introducing a fireside chat in July, 2018
Biotech CEO Summits feature discussion leaders from an array of disciplines who facilitate the honest conversations that are at the heart of these unique events. Topics range from high-level problems to specific issues that arise during organizational growth, such as going through an IPO or dealing with a clinical trial failure. Cynthia Collins, CEO, Editas Medicine, said, “I made some great connections through my participation and have established meaningful and lasting relationships, both professionally and personally.” According to Brandi Simpson, CEO, Navigen, "The dialogue is open and honest, and the environment and program foster camaraderie and the development of strong relationships." Being a biotech CEO can be isolating, and the Summits bring together people that know what a biotech CEO goes through. All attendees participate in discussions and information sharing which essentially make the CEO Summits mini think-tanks. Everyone comes away with new insights and an expanded network of trusted individuals they can continue reaching out to. The carefully selected locations for the Summits - Napa in the US, and Ascot in England -- are exclusive, beautiful, and secluded venues. While outsiders have tried to get a glimpse of the action, the Demy-Colton team works hard to ensure that they are private and free of distractions. Edwin Moses said:. “There's no other CEO forum like it in our industry.” Demy-Colton is always looking to invite outstanding CEOs to participate in the Summits.If you would like to participate in either the US or European Summit, please contact our Chief Business Officer, Lila Taylor at