The Biotech Showcase Difference

The greatest ideas and innovations are those that fill a large gap in a field. And Biotech Showcase (BTS) was created for just such a purpose. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of biotech companies that are not ready for financing with the bulge bracket players – the largest and most recognized banks – like JPMorgan. Yet, they are ready to present their work and show investors how they have been hitting marks and building profiles. Thus, the creation of BTS. A place where small and mid-sized (and growing into larger) biotech companies can present, meet potential investors and partners, and know that the event organizers are on their side. And more importantly, fill that gap in the biotech space by helping those smaller companies get where they need to be.

Bloomberg Analyst on What to Look for at Biotech Showcase 2018

The year ahead in biotech is primed to be a stock-pickers' market. Fundamental growth among commercial biotechs in the U.S. is forecast to be similar to 2017, while non-U.S. stocks are poised for a slowdown. In this regard, Gilead is set for another challenging year, while Amgen and Vertex could surprise on commercial execution. The top potential clinical catalyst plays across BI's coverage include Celgene, Biogen, Incyte and Exelixis.

In the big picture, political threats to drug pricing may be reignited after a subdued 2017. Payer-driven pressure is expected to remain opportunistically rampant and pressure recent launches. It's unclear if 2018 will wake up M&A after a sleepy 2017, but licensing deals should carry on strong.

The Purposeful (Biotech) CEO

I’ve been working with the biotechnology industry for the past 20 years. As an outside supporter of the industry, my goal has been to develop programs and services that facilitate the success of this industry and the companies that comprise it. With that as a constant, about three years ago I launched annual CEO gatherings in the US and Europe with the overarching theme of identifying and discussing success strategies for “The Purposeful (biotech) CEO.”

What Should the Industry Expect from the Trump Administration?

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On the second day of Biotech Showcase we examined what the biotech industry should expect from the Trump Administration with the help of our friends at Hogan Lovells. Over the course of the luncheon plenary and two afternoon workshops panelists discussed what lies ahead

The Challenges of Bringing New Vaccines to China

Trans-Pacific Health Sciences Dialogue

Dr. Fang Xie and Dr. Judy Jarecki-Black enlightened the participants about what it takes to obtain a patent in China and the different types of patents. During that same talk they explained the challenges of bringing new vaccines to China.

Featured on Human Proof of Concept Podcast

Sara Demy was recently interviewed by Janelle R. Anderson on the Human Proof of Concept podcast during Biotech Showcase. Janelle is currently a Managing Partner at CTI Life Sciences Fund.

If Biotech Showcase is the farm team for JPM, then Sara Demy is the coach.

Understanding the Types of Chinese Patents

Trans-Pacific Health Sciences Dialogue

The 15th Annual Trans-Pacific Health Sciences Dialogue was a meeting for biopharmaceutical industry executives and business development executives who wanted to accelerate...