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Biotech Showcase

Visionary & program leader

Sara Jane Demy, Founder & CEO, Demy-Colton

Operations, growth, & marketing

Dan Ruiz, Chief Operating Officer
(212) 922-3606

Head of presenter & CEO recruitment

Lila Taylor, Chief Business Officer
(510) 379-4090

Program development

Betsy Bascom, Senior Advisor
(647) 261-4148

Venue, logistics & registration

Lawrence Joseph, Manager, Client Relations & Operations
(646) 586-5034

Sponsorship & special projects

Linda Burke, Manager, Special Projects and Sponsorship
(646) 586-5087

Program materials & research

Saskia Baur, Marketing Specialist
(831) 325-0435

Our Offices

79 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10016
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