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The Third Hurdle: The global pandemic and Democratic legislative/executive control are poised to further accentuate trends towards value pricing

Thursday, February 11, 2021

11:00 AM-12:00 PM (ET) - Live Discussion

12:00 PM-12:15 PM (ET) - Live Q&A

Biotech executives have always had an exquisite level of focus on the clinical and regulatory hurdles associated with drug development.  The on-going pandemic and the anticipated positioning of the incoming administration on therapeutic pricing and access will fundamentally change the way in which patients seek and access healthcare.  The focus on value pricing will become an essential third hurdle required to meet the commercial potential of any asset.
In this salon, industry leaders discuss how they’ve pivoted to create a value story throughout the clinical development and commercial planning processes. We’ll discuss how to navigate the barriers and play to win as the game changes with respect to demonstrable value.


  • Gautam Aggarwal, Partner, Triangle Insights Group, LLC


  • TBA


Gautam Aggarwal



The New Alchemy of Investing In Health

Health is undergoing fundamental change. Health care was all about disease, drugs, hospitals and payers. Today we are already moving from disease to prevention. From institutional to individual focus. Health is becoming increasingly personal and the future will look utterly unlike the past. Every aspect of bioscience, medicine and care is about to be revolutionized by a plethora of new possibilities and choice. In this session, investors at the forefront of health transformation talk about the new alchemy of health investing. If the old approaches are increasingly challenged, where do investors seek huge success now?

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Mike Edelhart, Alexandra Bause, PhD, David Giampaolo, Harald Stock, PhD


How U.S. Policy and Trends Will Shape Healthcare in 2021

2021 promises to be an eventful year for the biopharma industry as Covid-19 vaccines should be rolling out and the policy implications of a new U.S. Presidential administration become clear. Bloomberg Intelligence analysts will share their outlook for the year ahead, including a discussion of key pandemic, sector performance, drug development and healthcare policy themes.

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Beth HalpernMarc EngelsgjerdSam Fazeli, Brian Rye


COVID-19: Surprising Cardiac Findings & Concern about the Potential Impact

The causative agent of COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 virus, appears to lead to a multi-system disease that affects the human host widely beyond the respiratory tract.  Acute cardiovascular complications include myocarditis, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia and cardiac arrest.  Case-mortality rate is up to 5-fold higher for those with pre-existing cardiovascular diseases. 

In early reports, detectable cardiac changes are seen in up to 70+% of patients post clinical recovery, including those who have recovered from mild COVID, and young and athletic people with no co-morbidities.  This has potentially enormous implications for long-term cardiovascular health globally given the 50 million world-wide reported cases to date.  We face significant challenges in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of the potential long-term cardiac complications of COVID-19.

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Sara Jane Demy, Bob S. HuProf. Eike Nagel, Eric Topol


Metabesity: A Healthcare Burden on the Rise

Metabesity, a constellation of the major chronic diseases with metabolic roots affecting an aging population, is on the rise globally. Its societal burden, a mix of chronic, non-communicable diseases, is staggering and growing.

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Emi Gonzalez, John L. Brooks IIITomas Landh, Christopher Lento, Komathi Stem


Bioelectric Medicine: Sparking Innovation in Healthcare

Electricity as a therapeutic has been used to re-right heartbeats, to stimulate nerves, neurochemicals and cellular regeneration. Today there is a surge of new medical devices being developed and new bioelectrical treatments for everything from treating a host of CNS diseases to cancer and diabetes. This panel of experts will discuss recent research, the favorable regulatory environment and new business models around the electrifying new wave of potential for bioelectrical therapeutics.

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Beth RogozinskiPaolo Cassano, Juan-Pablo MasRenee Ryan


The Fusion of technologies: the lines are blurring between physical, digital and biological sciences


  • Art Pappas, Managing Partner, Pappas Capital

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Art PappasAmy Abernethy


Women’s Health Moves Mainstream – Rapid Growth Meets Underserved Market

The rapidly growing “Femtech” market is expected to grow to $50B by 2025. Hear from this group of leading private company CEOs, who are heading up innovative advances in technology, that could change the way women's health is treated. The panelists will share perspectives on high-potential investment areas within the space. Learn how these CEOs secured their initial capital and scaled, and hear them discuss how to build better research, policy, data, and care delivery capabilities to achieve venture-level exits and personalized healthcare for half of the global population.

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Salon resources:

Frost and Sullivan Femtech Executive SummaryLinks of Interest from Mylene Yao
Mycovia Corporate OverviewShape the Next Wave of Femtech Innovation


Christina JenkinsPatrick JordanKatherine RyderSurbhi SarnaMylene Yao


Fireside Chat with Mike Gaito, Global Head of Healthcare Investment Banking, JP Morgan


  • Dennis Purcell, Founder, Aisling Capital

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Dennis PurcellMichael Gaito


Futurescaping Of Oncology

Futurescaping of Oncology will explore forward-looking, key, therapeutically relevant technology advances that could change the way we treat cancer. Three novel platforms will be discussed including endogenous reprogramming, targeting RNA, and targeting undruggable protein targets. These new technological innovations were chosen to reflect a range of approaches, risks, degrees of validation, and complexity of engineering. These platforms are excellent examples of higher-level technologies that will take cancer therapies to the next level.

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Jeffrey Bockman, Jake Becraft, Jennifer C Petter, Arthur T Sands


Lessons from Bergamo: Discoveries in Treating Critically-ill COVID-19 Patients

By now it's clear that many people with COVID-19 severe enough to put them in a hospital face a long recovery. The virus ravages the lungs and other organs in multiple ways. Direct invasion of cells can damage or destroy them and drive massive inflammation throughout the body. Autopsies commonly show arterial thrombosis and severe endothelial damage. Endothelial damage, which can play an early and central pathogenic role in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and thrombosis, activates the lectin pathway of complement.

Join Sara Jane Demy, CEO & Founder of Demy-Colton, as she moderates a hematology KOL panel to discuss lessons learned from the front-line in treating critically ill patients in Bergamo, Italy.

This panel will discuss novel pathways in the fight against COVID-19, in particular, the central role of endothelial injury, activation of the complement system and the lectin pathway and thrombosis development in COVID-19.

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Salon resources:
Slide Decks:
Dr. Laurence slide deckDr. Perales slide deckDr. Rambaldi slide deck
Other resources:
Treatment with the Lectin-Pathway Inhibitor NarsoplimabTR COVID-19 paper
Clinical & Experimental Immunology MASP2


Sara Jane DemyJeffrey C LaurenceMiguel-Angel PeralesAlessandro Rambaldi


In Vivo Gene Therapy: Personalizing the Ultra-Rare and Scaling-Up for Chronic Disease

Advanced therapeutics, including gene and call therapies, have emerged as significant FDA/EMA approved therapies for several ultra-rare genetic disorders and advanced malignancies.  In the next couple years, many more will be seeking registration using validated in-vivo and ex-vivo gene transfer and modification platforms (AAV, lentiviral, oligonucleotides, gene editing nucleases, etc.) earning a significant role in the healthcare pharmacopeia.  However, while hurdles such as regulation, manufacturing costs, logistics, and reimbursement have limited patient access, pioneers in the gene therapy sector have been reshaping what healthcare delivery looks like for the next wave of innovators. This BioFuture Salon will discuss the state of the art and potential for gene therapies to become more “drug-like” and scalable for either the personalized ultra-rare or more common chronic disorders.

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Michael C. RiceFaraz AliGeoff McDonoughSapan Shah


Alzheimer's: Like a Tsunami, by the time you see it, it is too late

Alzheimer’s disease is a relentless, fatal disease creating a health crisis for patients, families and nations. If we can’t stop it, the cost to society will be great. Global thought leaders have aligned around a goal to have a treatment that will slow the progression of the disease by 2025. While there have been no positive late-stage studies of investigational medicines in the last decade, the scientific advancement and understanding of AD progression and diagnosis has shifted our knowledge of the disease significantly and led to increased drug development targeting populations in the earliest stages of disease. This evolving scientific understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and the promise that treating earlier than we do today will translate to better patient outcomes.

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Sara Jane Demy, Phyllis Barkman-Ferrell, Dr. Mylea Charvat, Dr. Howard Fillit, Prof. Craig Ritchie


Drugging the Undruggable:The Power of Artificial Intelligence

It is estimated that up to 85% of the human proteome is currently "undruggable." These proteins lack easy-to-find pockets where therapeutics can bind. A wave of biotech companies with new technologies have arrived to tackle the problem of overcoming these most elusive drug targets.

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Sara Jane Demy, Robert J. Schneider, Abraham Heifets, Marian Nakada, Noam Solomon, Alice Zhang


The Future of Healthcare: Innovation, Change & Urgency

Two industry titans will explore the metamorphosis that is unfolding in health care, driven by innovation and demanded by consumers, that will profoundly transform this space as we know it.

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Sara Jane Demy, Jeremy Abbate, Ralph Snyderman